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What You Need to Know About Vacuuming Your Flat Weave Area Rugs – Sedona AZ

What You Need to Know About Vacuuming Your Flat Weave Area Rugs – Sedona AZ

Arizona is a beautiful place with lots of places to go out and explore.  What you may not realize is that when we come home, we track in all the dust and dry soil that we picked up outside.  That dry soil gets collected by your area rugs, which is great for the rest of your house but not so great for your rug.  Staying proactive about removing this dry soil from your rugs will help to prevent a lot of damage from being done to your rugs.

It’s easy to see why flat weave rugs from the American Indian tribes, Mexico, and of Persian origin are so popular – they’re beautiful!  Unfortunately, these rugs also bear the brunt of the damage of having dry soil ground into them.  These delicate fibers are damaged much more easily by abrasive dry soil than rugs that have a thicker pile.


What’s the best vacuum to use on a flat weave area rug?  Ruthie here with Arizona Oriental and I always recommend using either a canister vacuum or an electric sweepers (from Bissel or Shark) on flat weave area rugs.  This will provide enough suction to lift the dry soil from your rug while still being gentle on delicate fibers.  You should NEVER use an upright vacuum with a beater bar.  The beater bar is too aggressive on your delicate flat weave and will cause unnecessary damage.

Taking care to avoid the fringe and side cords of your rug, vacuum across the width of the rug, moving from side to side.  If you have a smaller rug and would like more control over the vacuuming process, using the upholstery tool or a soft brush attachment can help.

Keep in mind that vacuuming alone is not enough to prolong your rug’s life!  To keep your rugs looking their best, you should have your rugs cleaned by a professional rug cleaner like Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care in Prescott every 1-3 years, depending on the level of activity in your home.

It’s really important not to let dry soil accumulate on your rugs.  If your area rug looks highly soiled, it likely has permanent fiber damage.

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Till next time, enjoy your beautiful art for your floor and remember a clean rug is a rug that can last you a lifetime!

Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care serves Sedona, Prescott, Prescott Valley, and much of the Northern Arizona areas. We meet the highest standards in professional cleaning of area rugs with rug wash specialists having earned the highest training which includes certification as WOOLSAFE FIBRE CARE SPECIALISTS through the WOOLSAFE ORGANISATION. Such extraordinary certification ensures the area rugs of our client’s receive the utmost in care.

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