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What Causes Rug Fading? Prescott Valley Rug Cleaning Experts

Sun bleaching is a concern in any bright environment. Your rugs could experience bleaching and fading if they are not treated at the sunniest times of the year.

What Causes Rug Fading? Prescott Valley Rug Cleaning Experts


Hi, folks! Ruthie with Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care here in Prescott, AZ.

Get helpful rug care advice to help avoid sun fading and bleaching from your Prescott Valley rug cleaning experts.


Why Does the Sun Fade?

All fabrics and fibers naturally deteriorate over time; however, some deteriorate more quickly than others. The time it takes for a cloth to fade depends on a variety of factors, such as.

Fabric, dye, location in your house, and exposure to the sun.

It is not just the sun that causes fading. Your rug will eventually fade from use and use. Since lighter colors have less vibrancy to fade, exposure to the sun has a minor influence on lighter-colored rugs.


Rugs Shouldn’t Be Placed In Direct Sunlight.

When deciding where to put carpets, contemplate the orientation of your room. Watch for a few days to see how the sun shines through your windows before placing a rug in a room.

Pay close attention to where the sun strikes your room at the time of day when it is the strongest. The room’s rugs and other materials will sustain the most harm during this time from the sun. Then arrange your rugs in the space to receive the least amount of sun fading possible.

Due to size restrictions or difficulties in arranging your furnishings, some rooms are more constricting than others.

To prevent your carpets from fading in the sun, even if your room only allows for a few limited arrangements, follow the instructions in the following advice.


Ask About Rug Protectors From Prescott Valley Rug Cleaning Experts

Your rug might benefit from an additional layer of protection from sun fading with fluorocarbon rug protectors. Not every style of rug is suitable for these treatments, though. Talk to the rug cleaning service if you think your rug will benefit from this protective layer.

This protector offers many outstanding advantages, such as soil and stain resistance. Ask for suggestions for an excellent protector secure for your home and its occupants during your conversation with the rug cleaning specialists, especially if you have kids or pets.

All kinds of rugs deteriorate in the sunlight. For example, wool and cotton rugs deteriorate in the sun, but prolonged sun exposure can also make them brittle. Therefore, the best course of action, regardless of the rug’s material, is to avoid prolonged sun exposure.


Can Prescott Valley Rug Cleaners Reverse Sun Fading?

You have solutions if a rug has faded in the sunlight. However, your rug’s brilliance is still beneath the surface because rugs frequently only fade at the points. To disclose the fibers that have not been faded by the sun, expert rug cleaning crews may trim the pile carefully.

Once this repair has been performed on your rug, you will need a plan to stop further sun fading. The pile of your rug can only be cut so many times until it is too thin or has completely disappeared.

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