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What Are Sprouts on Wool Rugs? Prescott Rug Cleaning

You might run into a word or phrase that is just plain hard to understand. The pros in Arizona Oriental who know how to clean rugs are here to help. It sounds like something is growing on your rug when sprouts are commonly referred to as “rug sprouts,” which is confusing.

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Sprouting is fairly common and doesn’t show your rugs are flawed or have issues; it simply occurs. However, using a top-notch Prescott area rug cleaner makes caring for your rug much simpler.

Sprouting is the term used to describe threads in rugs that appear to detach from the rug and stick out further than the other loops and threads. They resemble stray tufts that protrude from the pile of the rug.

Wool acquires more sprouts and contaminants in its threads because of its density.

Besides keeping it clean, the rug will last longer if it is cleaned frequently. Because of this, how often a wool rug is cleaned is just as important to maintaining it as any other component.

The frequency should be high enough to prevent the growth of fiber sprouts and low enough to avoid damaging rugs. The length varies depending on several factors: 


  • High pedestrian traffic: It should go without saying that dirt will accrue in areas where there are more people walking.
  • How much traffic an area rug receives will determine where to place it. Different parts of a house have more and less foot traffic. These will require more frequent cleaning.
  • No animals or pets According to the IICRC, a house without pets need 1-2 cleanings on average each month. The range goes from 4 to 7 when talking about pets.
  • Your level of caution? Resources are frequently not managed properly. For instance, you might only need to vacuum the rug once a month if you are concerned about it getting damaged. 

Frequent spills on carpets and wearing shoes on rugs could have damaging effects.

The IICRC suggests hiring a professional at least once a year besides basic cleaning. The best approach to clean wool area rugs is to have them professionally cleaned by area rug cleaning specialists in Prescott Valley.

Always take care to prevent the need for spot cleaning! Wool rugs can tolerate a lot of damage, but they still need to be maintained by the best rug cleaner in Prescott Valley. 


Prescott Rug Cleaning Experts Help With Rugs Sprouts

Remember that a clean rug is a rug to last a lifetime, and until next time, relish your floor’s incredible work of art.

No matter the type of rug you have, if it has to be cleaned professionally, you can contact Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care in Prescott or fill in the compact form here for a direct reply.


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