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Vacuuming Advice from Prescott Valley Pro Rug Cleaner


Hi there! It’s Ruthie with Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care coming from Prescott, AZ. Well, it’s almost time for the week to end again.

One question we often hear is how customers should vacuum their rugs in between regular cleanings.

Most tufted rugs we see passing through the shop have wool face fibers, and it is here that customers get confused with tufted rugs with hand-woven rugs. 

Tufted rugs differ in their construction, and has no knots are holding the rug together. Instead, you’ll find tufted rugs come with a mesh foundation where the wool fibers are looped.

When the rug is finished, a layer of latex glue will be smeared across the back of the rug, and a piece of canvas or usually monk’s cloth will be glued on the back.

When vacuuming, the yarns can easily pull from the rug. We recommend not to use upright vacuums because of their suction power. A safer decision is to use a canister vacuum to disable the rotary head feature to use the suction only. Also, vacuum from side to side.

Tufted rugs naturally come with a looser pile density than a hand-woven rug. You’ll discover this makes it easier for soil to settle deep inside rug fibers. So, cleaning rugs more frequently may be necessary. 

When you vacuum more often, you’ll stay on top of the dry particles and stop them worming their way to the bottom of the rug. Proper vacuuming practice is a significant part of good rug maintenance between regular deep cleanings with us at Arizona Oriental.

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