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Prescott Valley Area Rug Cleaner. Can You Stop Rubber Smell?

Area rug cleaning presents us at Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care with lots of rugs to smell. It’s not uncommon for one of our customers to bring us a rug and ask if we can get rid of the odors that have been hindering them from enjoying their prized possession.



Hi there, It’s Ruthie at Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care in Prescott Valley. 

The answer is a typical yes for rugs with musty odors caused by animal urine accidents. However, for rugs that smell like rubber or latex, cleaning alone may not be enough to eliminate the odors.

Unique to tufted area rugs are rubbery odors. Tufted rugs are manufactured by forcing fibers through a base fabric, and then they glue it all together with latex glue.

A piece of monkscloth is tacked to the back to make the rug seem nice and hide the messy latex. Depending on the quality of the glue used by the maker, odors may become visible years later or shortly after the rug is purchased. Even with an area rug cleaning expert, it’s hard to get rid of rubbery smells.

Low-quality glue emits a sticky latex odor that quickly stinks up a room. I know it’s not the most pleasant stench, and it’s certainly not one you want coming from a rug you love having in your home!



Unfortunately, there isn’t much that washing or deodorizing can do to eliminate these odors because the problem lies with the rug’s construction. While Arizona Oriental can help with other odors, we can’t help with odors generated by the glue that holds the rug together.

Our area rug repair facility may remove the current backing, scrape away the old glue, and apply a fresh layer of higher-quality latex glue before placing a new piece of monkscloth over the back, depending on the age of your rug and the integrity of the backing.

Even if the odors aren’t entirely gone, removing the old glue may help a lot. Unfortunately, this is only an option for rugs detaching from their backing and require immediate backing replacement.


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