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Prescott Rug Cleaner. Can You Straighten My Rug?

Many of our clients have asked us similar queries about the shape of their rugs. Unfortunately, most hand-knotted rugs are not exactly straight, and it is rare to encounter one that is perfectly straight all of the time.


Prescott Rug Experts. Where To Find Them?

Hi there! Live from Prescott Valley, AZ. It’s Ruthie and Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care.

There haven't been many straight rugs in Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care in Prescott. Instead, I've seen rugs with one side longer than the other and one end wider than the other.

You can also discover rugs with clearly defined curves in their shape. Hand-knotted rugs exhibit their handcrafted origins in various ways, including their flawed forms.

Rugs shrink and expand in unpredictable ways. This item is simply a byproduct of the natural cycle. Cotton rugs distort when they shrink, but wool rugs do not.

Rugs made with flat weaves and needlepoint are very delicate. Cleaning alone causes shrinkage or buckling in varying degrees!

Most badly buckled rugs or rippling can be "blocked," and Arizona Oriental are experts in dealing with this.

When you block a rug, you gradually stretch it out while it dries to give it a similar shape. But, of course, blocking has its limits in terms of how straight your rug can get, and it won't make your rug perfectly straight again.

Naturally, the rug won't be ideal, but we're able to develop a workable solution. A malformed rug cannot be repaired without destroying it.

Blocking a rug isn't a long-term solution, and woven rugs will eventually revert to their original shape.


Prescott Rug Experts Where To Find Them?  

You’ll want to keep your rug in the best condition. To get your rugs cleaned and straightened as best as possible, seize the opportunity and contact Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care in Prescott or fill in the compact form here for a direct reply. We can give you help or advice.

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Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care serves Prescott, Prescott Valley, and other Northern Arizona areas. We meet the highest standards in professional cleaning area rugs, with rug wash specialists having earned the highest training, including WOOL SAFE FIBRE CARE SPECIALISTS certification through the WOOL SAFE ORGANIZATION. Such extraordinary certification ensures our client’s area rugs receive the highest quality care.

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