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Prescott Area Rug Cleaner. Specialty Dry Rot Rug Repair

I’d want to spend a few seconds touching on a subject that can occur during the year. If you notice your rugs becoming stiff and brittle, you may deal with DRY ROT.

Prescott Area Rug Cleaner. Specialty Dry Rot Rug Repair

Ruthie here once again with Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care in beautiful Prescott, AZ.  

This can cause rugs to have weaker fibers, resulting in their ripping, tearing, or splitting. You’ll be unfortunate if you discover holes in your rugs. Rugs are susceptible to dry rot when there is high moisture or extreme dryness.

In this quick guide, you can learn a little more about this and how a Prescott area rug cleaning specialist can help.


What Causes Dry Rot?

The primary reason dry rot develops is from urine deposited by animals. Salt crystals in urine retain moisture and dampen rug fibers for a long time. It is acidic, making it an ideal rot growth catalyst when mixed with dry humidity.

You can attempt to spot and remove urine spots, but you won’t be able to get rid of the salt fibers that have permeated your rug.

Salt crystals may grow on your area rug over several months or years if you have a stiff amount of urine deposits. Although your rug is probably urine-soaked, dry rot will also make it stiff.


What Do I Do With a Stiff Rug?

While it is impossible to confirm the dry rot’s existence and advancement before cleaning your rug, detecting these stiff rug sections in their current state is still quite challenging.

Removing urine salt crystals from your rug is a need. For thoroughly clean rugs of urine, unique neutralizing solutions and proper equipment are needed.

Even though it’s clean, the rug could split, tear, or get a hole because of the dry rot in the fibers. I advise all of my clients with these rugs that their rug has been ruined and that they should expect the chance that the rug may split or tear during the cleaning procedure.


Why I Need a Rug Cleaner for Dry Rot?

Unfortunately, unless the rug has already decayed, it’s stiff to discern whether dry rot is present before cleaning the rug.

However, since a clean rug may tear or break or develop a hole because of dry fiber rot, it’s advisable to wait to remove it. I usually caution my clients about the potential dangers of cleaning rugs and underline that their rugs are in a terrible state.

Prescott Area Rug Cleaner. Specialty Dry Rot Rug Repair

Finding Area Rug Cleaner and Repair in Prescott

The price of dry rot can vary wildly, depending on the degree and extent of the damage. There are gaps in the backing and face fibers, which apply to the rug. However, rug weavers who have been doing this for a long time find it time-consuming.

Our pleasure is to work closely with rug weavers in Arizona Oriental, which enables us to provide a wide variety of repair methods, including dry rot.

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