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Prescott, AZ Area Rug Cleaner. How to Deal with Moth Issues

Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care is the ultimate for rug cleaning and rug repair. It only takes a single moth to turn you and your area rugs into a significant problem. It’s heartbreaking to discover moth infestation in beautiful wool and silk rugs, yet it happens more frequently than most people realize.

At the end of another busy week, Ruthie with Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care here in Prescott, AZ.

All I wanted to do was do a quick talk about moths as they can ruin your precious rugs. You’ll think this moth infestation is the worst thing that could happen to your area rugs.

You can read more about what these moths can do and how an expert area rug cleaner in Prescott can help you get rid of them here.


Moth Infestations Can Ruin Any Rug

Moths Love peaceful, secluded locations between area rugs incorrectly stored or rugs left in rooms that don’t get a lot of traffic. Wool area rugs provide moths and their larvae with an abundant source of food, and the rug you have rolled up in your garage or lying under your bed is waiting for a catastrophe.


Moths Like Spills and Stains on Rugs

Rugs are essentially the buffets of the world of a moth, especially when they are in a quiet environment so that the moths can go untroubled through their life cycle. If your area rug has any animal accidents or drops of food/drink on it because of the added proteins these items have along with the fur, moths will be far more drawn to it.


Treat Your Rugs with Rug cleaning Professionals

If there is a moth infestation in one or more of your area rugs, you will need to bring it to us here in Arizona Oriental as quickly as possible! Before cleaning and treating your rug as needed, we will treat the rug to destroy the infestation.

We will administer a special WoolSafe treatment that will cover your rug when it is being stored, whether you want to keep your area rug for some time - whether it has been affected by a moth infestation or not.

Our moth treatment switches the wool’s taste to moths, stopping them from making a home in our area rugs and finding somewhere else to go. We also suggest covering your rug in a breathable storage wrap - this will add another protection from other pests to your rugs that might attempt to get a piece of your rug for themselves.

Till next time, enjoy your beautiful art for your floor, and remember a clean rug is a rug that can last you a lifetime!

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