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Mold and Dry Rot in Rugs? Prescott Valley Rug Cleaning

There’s a fungus among us, and you’ll find it is your rug’s worst enemy. Mold, mildew, and dry rot are fungi; once you reach these stages, it could be too late to save it.


Prescott Valley Rug Cleaning Experts

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Dry rot destroys a rug’s foundation fibers, mainly cotton but also wool, jute, or silk. Lack of structural integrity might cause a rug to fall apart.

The problem with dry rot is that it’s sometimes detected too late to remedy the damage, so the experts from the local Prescott Valley rug cleaning company discuss what causes it, what to look for, and what to do if you find a rug with mildew, mold, or dry rot.


Dry rot causes:

  • Moisture extremes promote fiber degradation.
  • Floods, plant leaks, or high humidity without evaporation might cause damage to a wool rug or one wrapped in plastic.
  • Wool rugs should be wrapped in paper, not plastic, to prevent musty/mildew odors.
  • Pet urine salts can keep cotton foundation fibers moist for longer than ordinary water, causing stiff, rotting spots.
  • Age-related damage or drying cleaning residue is also typical. Arizona Oriental sees this in rugs that aren’t appropriately rinsed, and it’s why rugs shouldn’t be cleaned at home.

Finally, whitening chemicals promote fiber degradation (such as bleaches and peroxides). Chemical damage weakens cotton fringes, making it simple to rip off the tassels.


How to Spot Dry Rot.

Discoloration, especially moldy spots, is a red flag.

If there is any water source near a rug, look for problems. For example, potted plants, water coolers, pet water dishes, or slab leaks can cause mildew and dry-rot over time.

Once mold roots reach foundation fibers, removing black/dark discolorations is nearly impossible. Also, if the area is stiff and cracks when you bend it or sounds like wood when you knock on it, dry rot has set in, and you must be careful not to make a hole like this:

Though this is primarily a problem with rugs with a cotton foundation, dry rot can deteriorate wool rugs woven on wool warps and wefts if left wet for months.


What Damage Can You Find From Dry Rot?

Over time, pet activity can damage a rug’s coloring and discoloration and weaken its foundation fibers. As a result, the rug’s “skeleton” disintegrates.

You must rely on your hands to identify warning signs without the obvious visible signs of black discolorations or pet damage.

Age can weaken fragile semi-antique and antique rug fibers. Therefore, you shouldn’t randomly bend an old rug to determine if the foundation fibers crack. Splits in rugs can indicate dry rot or brittleness before widespread deterioration.

Sides and ends undergo more wear and tear than the middle of a rug, so splits and cracks are warning signs.

Chemical use or buildup can dry up and rot foundation fibers. We observe this on a super-white cotton rug fringe. Cotton fringes shred when bleached too often, just like cotton t-shirts. China, India, Pakistan, and Iran all make damaged rugs.

Check the rug’s cotton tassels to see if they break easily. Cotton should be robust enough not to break, but if it pulls out like hair or snaps off easily, you have weakening cotton to contend with in your cleaning procedure.


Get Help From Prescott Valley Rug Cleaning Experts

Till next time, enjoy your beautiful art for your floor, and remember, a clean rug is a rug that can last you a lifetime!

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