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Is an Expensive Rug Worth Area Rug Cleaning Services?


Hi Again, It’s Ruthie with you on a glorious Wednesday from Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care in Prescott, AZ

Here in Arizona Oriental, this is a frequently asked question - either over the phone or when people arrive to bring their rugs to us for cleaning.  I know that rugs are quite an important part of the home decor.

You can read here and learn more about how you can have your rugs cleaned by a Prescott rug cleaner.


How Much Will a Replacement Rug Be?

Instead of asking whether it is worth cleaning your rug, no matter how cheap it was, you better ask whether you are prepared to purchase a replacement rug, which will be nearly as perfect as the one you already own. 

Perhaps you bought it more than five years ago, and it’s possible the store doesn’t carry the same kind of rug anymore!

Many people are not ready to spend so much effort to buy a replacement carpet from the area rug they like, even though it was cheap, and would much rather have the original carpet.


Where to Find a Similar Rug in Prescott?

Finding a similar rug can be almost impossible.  Rugs are not necessarily easy to replace, particularly if some clients decorate a room around their rug to make sure it matches.

Sometimes a rug’s size is simply perfect for the location it’s in, or the design is spot-on and matches the curtains and cushions perfectly.


Clients Rugs in Prescott

Most of my customers have their cheap rugs professionally cleaned for precisely this reason. However, there are many other reasons as well - possibly, it was a family heirloom inherited by them and is therefore of great value. 

You would not run a Rug Doctor across your grandmother’s irreplaceable carpet and risk ruining it, would you? Of course not!

Neither would I recommend having this carpet cleaned by your and the tile cleaning company. 

Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning companies will not clean rugs in the same way as a professional carpet cleaning company like Arizona Oriental. 

We have several steps and take special precautions to protect against any issues you may encounter - from bleeding dye to shrinkage to ensure all water is properly extracted and that the carpet dries quickly and thoroughly.

If readers are still unsure, we encourage them to contact us for more information. 

We also provide free quotes and prepare a fixed cost estimate when we can do a thorough inspection of your rug.

If you search for professional rug cleaning, you can contact Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care in Prescott or fill in the compact form here for a direct reply.

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