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Does My Wool Rug Contain Cotton? Prescott Rug Cleaner

Many rug cleaners and owners are unaware that a “100% WOOL RUG” often contains a substantial quantity of COTTON.

White rug knots connect foundation fibers. Warps, wefts, and weaving waste are made from cotton and cannot be tied without the foundation strands breaking.

Get Help To Clean and Fix Rug Freckles With Prescott Rug Care

Hi, it is Ruthie with Arizona Oriental.

Hand-woven rugs have “rug freckles.” Most freckles are white, but you may notice other colors if the cotton is painted or if wool is used as the warps or wefts.


Weavers either:

  1. They push the knot toward the rear of the rug with a needle to make it less obvious.
  2. They cut the loose strands to make knots shorter than the pile
  3. They blend them away with dye after weaving.


How do white knots appear? Age and a good wash make white knots more noticeable. The wool pile wears from foot activity over time, revealing white knots that were once hidden. A pad under hand-woven rugs reduces friction from foot traffic.

This is one of the most common reasons Arizona Oriental is requested to evaluate “fresh” rugs for “damage”—people see white knots. Normally, the longer wool pile would hide them, but the brief shearing makes that harder.

Soiled rugs’ white cotton knots become grey and less apparent after washing. A good bath will make these cotton knots immaculate white again (especially if a rug specialist does the work), and they will “emerge” when you may not have seen them previously.

As a rug cleaner, it’s crucial for Arizona Oriental to point out this foundation knot “freckles” before cleaning rugs, not after.

Before the wash, it teaches the rug owner about their rug’s peculiarities; after the wash, it’s sometimes considered an excuse. In a soiled rug, the “white knots” are gray from soil.


They’re on the rug’s back. When you see larger white knots on the rear, identify the identical knot on the front. White Knot Treatment Rug freckles have four options.

  1. First, Some rug owners don’t mind freckles and ignore them..
  2. The second is to push the knots toward the rug’s back if the weave is loose enough. If these knots loosen, the rug may be irreparable.
  3. Third, snip the knot strands below the wool pile if they are “white strands.” Again, avoid creating unfixable holes.
  4. Fourth, dye or ink the knots. This is cosmetic and won’t cause a hole in the rug. It’s the most common way to remove rug freckles.

Till next time, enjoy your beautiful art for your floor, and remember, a clean rug is a rug that can last you a lifetime!


Get Help To Clean and Fix Rug Freckles With Prescott Rug Care

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