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Area Rug Damage to Fringes - Repair Options - Prescott AZ

Rugs live a hard life on the floor being walked across daily, over and over again. They are bound to need a little (sometimes a lot) of TLC at some point or another.  Here are 3 rugs that came to Arizona Oriental & Specialty Rug Care that were very tattered and the fringes were a mess, unraveling and the client was losing the rug one wool strand at a time! 

I'm so happy when a client realizes that there is a BIG NEED to secure the ends of the rug to prevent any additional damage. They understand that letting it go will only mean more damage and more  expense to repair it later rather than doing it now. Rugs are a treasure, especially old hand woven rugs!  

If you are in the Prescott AZ area and have a rug that is showing signs of unraveling damage, feel free to stop in or give me a call at 928-445-1718.  Arizona Oriental offers FREE ESTIMATES.  We're here Monday through Friday 10:00 to 5:00 at 565  EZ Street, Prescott AZ  

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Area Rug Fringe Repair Options - Prescott AZ